Beach Maternity Photography

The rise and popularity of photography have seen an increase in the diversity of modeling. Pregnant women can now showcase their beauty without prejudice and discrimination. The recent developments in the photography industry show that there’s a lot of potential in the field of photography.

Beach maternity photography, although rare, captures the special moment that is otherwise too often forgotten. There are so many ideas that you can explore when taking beach maternity photographs.


You can plan for a photo shoot when you are about six to eight months pregnant. This is when the baby bump is really showing. It is also a crucial time as you are mostly too tired to keep moving around.


The best photographs are usually taken just before the sunset. Beach photographs are especially beautiful during this time of day since the golden sunlight complements the portraits.

Choice of clothing

You should wear a long flowing dress with a choice of glowing colors or a transparent option. A hat also adds the necessary fun factor to the photo shoot.

Who to include

  • Family

You could invite your family; whether it’s your partner or the pet plus the rest of your children for a fun photo day. If you are open to a larger group, even better. The more the merrier make; everyone should be able to share and recall this precious moment.

  • One on one intimacy

Beach maternity photography should be about the father and the mother trying to capture a timeless moment. Be sure to try out intimate poses that will remind the three of you what a beautiful and fun moment you had.

  • Revealing the gender

You can try a photo shoot with some items to reveal the gender of the baby. A pink little dress for a girl and a blue football for a boy should do the trick.


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