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There’s much to be grateful for in this life and just as many memories to capture each day. It’s no secret that we all love having stunning pictures displayed in our homes, on our social media sites, in our laptops, etc. A picture says a thousand words and better way is there to capture and share meaningful memories through Capture Aloha Photography?

Maui, Hawaii has much to offer, making it an ideal location for photo shoots. From destination weddings, maternity, senior pictures or family photos, Maui is a place to behold. There’s no better way to create cherished reminiscences than with spectacular artistic shots from Capture Aloha photography.

Your wedding day is one that will be imprinted onto your minds for the rest of your life. However, small details might begin to seep from your memory as the year’s pass. Professional photos allow you and your significant other to relieve your special day with stunning images that best highlight your emotions and love on your big day.

Before hiring a professional, you need to ensure that they are qualified to deliver the skill set you need. Do not hesitate to outline your requirements as the more detailed oriented you are; the more likely your photographer will adhere to them to deliver unmatchable quality.

Before selecting a photo agency to work with, there are a few things one should take into consideration including:

Years of experience – This helps determine a firm’s expertise in that particular field of photography.

Past Training – Are they equipped with the knowledge needed to deliver quality images?

Certification – Have they been adequately certified to handle large events?

Packages- What does each package entail? Are there any hidden costs? Are all the terms and conditions clearly indicated?

Availability – Do they offer backup photographers in case the main photographer is a no show?

Versatility – How many styles of photographing do they offer? Do they offer both digital and film as well?

Waiting Period – How long after the shoot before you receive your photos? Do they deliver via USB or email? Are there added costs for touch-ups, film development, etc.?

We do not want to forget those special milestones in our lives and having stunning images to reminisce with is of great importance. Hiring professional shooters to capture these unforgettable memories is a smart move and one that is worth every penny spent.


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