Everything is ideal, and you are ready to go. Your big day is so close you can see it. 1 thing people to do not listen to when they’re planning their event is that their photographers will be. People think’oh well, my iPhone 6 has such a good camera my five-year-old nephew could take pictures.’ […]

Capture Aloha | Maui Photographers

An engagement photo shoot should be fun and memorable, that’s why we recommend the beautiful island of Maui. With affordable rates from photographers to cheap hotel prices for those on holiday, Maui is the perfect holiday destination. There are numerous opportunities on the island. A decent photoshoot will have you spending anything from $100 to […]

Engagement Photo Shoot in Maui



Your wedding day is slowly drawing closer. Your dress, caterer, music, venue, etc. have all been picked out and tried. Now it’s time to pick a wedding photographer who will beautifully capture the joy of your big day. Because planning your wedding has taken out a big chunk of your savings, you might be looking […]

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

The rise and popularity of photography have seen an increase in the diversity of modeling. Pregnant women can now showcase their beauty without prejudice and discrimination. The recent developments in the photography industry show that there’s a lot of potential in the field of photography. Beach maternity photography, although rare, captures the special moment that […]

Beach Maternity Photography



Family photography has never been more fun. In Maui, the perfect natural beauty coupled with the large influx of tourists combine to provide the best atmosphere for photography services. Maui has the best prices for photographers. We all know the importance of family and making memories. Most photographers on Maui also have their own families, […]

Affordable Maui Family Photographers


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