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An engagement day is one that will be imprinted on your minds forever. A great way to confine the love and joy of your extraordinary day is by hiring the best engagement photographer; Maui has plenty of those. These professionals have a knack for capturing your special day in paradise combined with photojournalistic techniques to convey timeless, high-quality images that will reflect the raw emotions and romance of your big day.

But what should you look for when selecting a good photographer?

Personality – Every relationship has a unique spark and story, and the best person for the job should be armed with the know-how of how to frame and capture gorgeous shots while still attending to their clients’ needs. A professional’s personality, as well as the couple’s personality, has to connect for the vision to come to life. The couple’s personality dramatically impacts the kind of shoot they want. For example, couples looking for more candid pictures will not be the best match for a photographer who has experience in traditional, formal portraits.

Past Experience – How many years of experience does that engagement photographer in Maui have? Some couples prefer newbies because they believe that they will try harder while others prefer seasoned photographers.

Past Reviews – Once you’ve narrowed down the search, request for references from your probable photographers. Prior reviews are very informative as they will enable you to know how that specific person interacts with customers, his/her mannerisms, etc.

Certification – Even though not every state requires new photographers to be licensed, you need to ask for documentations that can prove that you are working with someone qualified in that field. Another essential thing to ask is if they or their company provides any insurance. You want to ensure that both you and your photographer are covered just in case.

Pricing – There are a lot of technical jargons in a quote which vary depending on location, number of photographers, hours requested, how many photos, outfit changes, etc. Once you are provided with a quote, you should sit down and analyze each item step by step. This is because there will be a couple of terms that are vital and you might not be able to understand them. Ignoring such essential information might lead to a higher chance of additional costs which in turn increases your overall budget.

Other key things to consider include:

  • Photographer’s availability
  • Their style
  • Their photo delivery method – online gallery, USB drive
  • Photo delivery duration



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