Engagement photos Maui

Engagement photos Maui

Maui is a splendid location for amazing engagement photos. The island is covered in so much splendor making it a special place for lovers who are on their way to a lifetime commitment. The priceless moments shared between two lovers are worth keeping and remembering for generations to come. Since everyone wants the best pictures possible, here are a few things to consider;

What to wear

The couple should dress in a way they feel expresses themselves best. To show unity and togetherness, they could decide to do a coordinated dressing style. This does not necessarily mean that the couple should be in matching attire. Whatever decision is arrived at, both parties should feel free and comfortable.

Location and Timing

Maui prides itself on having several breathtaking sceneries that serve as viable locations for the perfect engagement photos. Therefore, couples have an array of choices including the beach (most preferred), the waterfall, the jungle area and also the mainland. Timing also depends on the desired outcome.

Posing style

This being a shoot for lovers, the pose is also important. The more traditional couple may go for a side by side pose while the adventurous couple may decide to do playful poses. Other couples may also go for affectionate poses like hugs, or eye to eye looks. All in all, the pictures should be able to capture the real emotions of the couple.


Even with everything else right, the photos could be a mess with the wrong photographer. It is imperative that the couple meet up with potential photographers, understand their work, and discuss their expectations. The price is also varied depending on a number of factors like time, theme, etc.

In the end, nothing should be overlooked. Couples should be able to look back on their engagement photos with smiles on their faces.





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