Engagement photos

Engagement photos

As you are preparing to take your engagement photos, there are things you must be aware. As a photographer, it’s essential you do your research to generate the best pictures and satisfy the interests of the couples. Engagement is a preview of what will happen on the big day. Therefore, you must ensure to have the right skills and techniques to capture the moment. The photos, therefore, must be attractive,, entertaining and creative. That way, it will be easy for you to secure the job during the big day.

Know your couples

For you to deliver precisely what the couples want during engagement shoots, you must develop a relationship with them in advance. Get to learn their personalities, chemistry between them, what they like and much more. Understand the difference between this couple and others you have ever worked with. Don’t just assume and wait for the session surprises, start preparing now. Arrange for tea break meetings; create opportunities for lengthy chats on the phone and other places. This way, you will learn more about them, which will show you what they want during their engagement shooting.

Allow them to show love

Engagement photos should symbolize love. Therefore, all the activities should point towards the same direction. Understand that this session is different from other previous ones. The central theme for the photos is love, and the couples should be aware of this. Although it may seem complicated, allow them to kiss, be playful, hug, be touchy, hold hands and do all they want. This will make your work easy as a photographer and personalize the pictures.

Location is key

For you to become a competent engagement photographer, you must know the best romantic places around your town. Ensure to equip yourself with knowledge of the area. In case the couples ask you for reference, you will not be dumbfounded. Additionally, research other areas away from your town.

Change your focus

Unlike model shoots, engagement photos should not concentrate on the faces alone. Consider capturing other things happening around. Connect the theme of the day with events that will tell more about the shooting. You may consider catching the shoe from the knee downwards. This will automatically send the right signals of what was happening.



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