How Should I Prepare for my Engagement Photo Session?

He proposed, you said yes. Now it’s time to break the news to your loved ones. Instead of merely posting an image of your ring as your announcement, splurge a little on engagement photography. These beautiful professional images can be used as your announcement, to post on your web page, for the “save the date” cards, or to decorate your marriage reception. So what do you need to know before your engagement photo session?

  • When to Shoot

Picking a time to do the shoot mostly depends on your schedule. First, narrow down the reason for taking professional pictures. Are you planning to use them for your reception alone or do you intend to use them for your save-the-date? If it’s for the former, then you can pretty much set an appointment a week before the big day. If it’s for save-the-date use, then the session should be done a month in advance. This will give you ample time to design your cards and send them out within a set time frame. Most of us are not morning people and waking up to take pictures might be unachievable. If you are not a morning person, then you should shoot your images a few hours before the sunset. This will give your pictures a beautiful hue that will softly touch your frames and enhance the pictures quality.

  • Location

Do you and your significant other have a special spot? Perhaps where you first met or where he proposed. Add a personal touch to your engagement photographs. The location does not have to hold any significance; it can also be a general location such as a field, the beach, etc. If you do not have a preferred location, your professional photographer should be able to recommend a few good places.

  • Dress Code

Keep the weather in mind when selecting your outfit. It’s always best to wear clothes that you feel confident in. However, if you are having a difficult time choosing, you can always carry two outfits and request to change halfway through the shoot. Some people prefer a casual look while others opt for more formal attire. If you are unsure of what to wear, a cross between the two can be beautiful. Now that you have picked your clothes, it’s time to select your footwear. It’s best to bring shoes that you can walk off-road in. If you are planning outdoor engagement photography, you might end up walking across a field or on trails. Bring a pair that won’t sink in the grass or give you blisters.

It’s your day, and your primary objective should be comfort. Engagement photography should be able to capture your natural self while accentuating your features. It’s a happy occasion, and the images should express the joy in all its glory.


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