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I consider Lahaina as one of the most incredible places on the island of Maui. This makes it a great spot for engagement, wedding, maternity and family shoots. The place is therefore not short of photographers who make it possible to capture those special moments. However, not all of the photographers are great and so when choosing one, it is important to know if they have the ability to deliver quality work.  These are some attributes of a good Lahaina photographer:


Even with the location or setting being the same, a good photographer should be creative in the sense that each photo shoot should be unique to a client. This means that the photographer must have an imaginative mind to come up with different ways, angles, and dimensions of taking pictures.


With lighting from the natural environment playing a great role in photography, getting the perfect picture will require more than one shot. Sometimes, it has nothing to do to with the light; take for instance, children moving about or not cooperating during photo sessions. This will definitely call for many shots and a whole lot of patience from the photographer. Hence, they should be able to handle all that and still deliver the best.

Attentiveness to detail

The Lahaina photographer should have a keen eye for detail. He or she should be able to take note of the elements that make the photo great and major on those elements.  Also be aware of details that threaten to ruin the photo and draw focus away from them.

Good interpersonal skills

Having to deal with a lot of clients, the photographer should be able to interact well with people. They should be able to know how to communicate appropriately and develop a good rapport with their clients so that they can engage them during the photo session, giving pose instructions whenever needed. Clients should be able to feel comfortable with their photographer so that they can let loose and allow their creativity to flow.

Technical Skills

At the end of the day, the clients need photos that are high quality. This means that the photographer must have a good understanding of the camera operations and the photo editing software needed to work on the images before they are finally presented to the clients.

Even with the beautiful scenery in Lahaina, without a good photographer, the pictures may look a mess. Therefore, assessing the work of a Lahaina photographer is crucial, prior to working with them.


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