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Aside from a wedding day, one of the best reminiscences you will have is of your significant other getting down on one knee asking you to spend the rest of your lives together. This is a moment that passes by in a jiffy but one that you will cherish eternally. Now that you have said yes, in comes the fun part of telling everyone you know about your big news.

Why Hire a Professional Engagement Photographer

To Avoid Photo Bombs – Some past couples have opted to capture that particular moment by setting up their cameras on a timer mode only for a curious passerby to accidentally step in and ruin the shot.  This tends to result in a ring selfie post. When announcing your engagement on social media, a professionally taken photo capturing your smiles, the beautiful background, and that big sparkling ring is more likely to be received positively by your social media family.

Every Woman Wants a Souvenir – Aside from selecting the perfect ring for your significant other, hiring an expert to capture the moment ranks very high in most women’s ideal proposal. Engagement images allow couples to tell their love story through perfectly captured still images that hold every heartfelt look, every affectionate kiss, and every everlasting embrace.

Trend Keeping – Formal attire is becoming increasingly popular whereas props are losing their hype. A Maui engagement photographer provides a platform where couples can capture their special day while keeping with the latest trends.

Because the Setting can still be Private – Hiring a photographer for your engagement does not necessarily mean that you need to have an entire photo shoot – unless it’s what you want of course. Your commitment can still be as private and intimate as you’d planned, just with some beautiful images to treasure forever.

To Personalize your Save-the-date Cards – A creative way to invite your loved ones to your wedding day is through original save-the-date cards made with an engagement photo. This adds a personal touch; plus, professional images look so much classier.

Instead of thinking small and merely taking a ring selfie to post on your social media accounts, why not go big and hire a professional Maui engagement photographer to capture all the raw emotions of the day.


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