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Nothing beats spending time and bonding with family. And what better place to do this than at the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii. Maui’s incredible beauty and serenity makes it the perfect place for families to create special memories and capture them in detail through photography. The following are some great Maui family photography ideas:

Family Portraits

With portraits, you can put them up in your office or at home to brighten up your interior decor and warm your heart. So great photos will require a bit of preparation.

Seeing that Maui has several beautiful sceneries including the beach, waterfall, the mainland, the jungle, among others, the location for the shoots has to be discussed amongst your family members.

The timing of the shoot is another thing that has to be agreed upon as this is not just a random photo. Most Maui family photography involves early morning or evening shoots during the sunrise or sunset. So whatever works best for your family.

Your outfits can also enhance the shoots greatly. Since the photo consists of more than one person, it is best to have some form of coordinated dressing, and this does not necessarily mean matching attires. Maybe a common theme, color, etc. The coordination ensures the picture looks put together.

Candid Shoots

This involves professional shots of the family without their actual knowledge while they are just going about their daily/normal activities. Such kind of photos tend to be authentic as they represent real and genuine moments. For instance,the family taking a stroll on the beach, surfing, kids building sand castles or goofing around, etc.

Family Reunion Shoots

A reunion shoot is an excellent way of bringing all the family members together. Right from your grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, etc.,. Documenting those memories with all your loved ones will make for fantastic memories down the line. I mean, it’s not a very common occurrence for the whole extended family to get together; not with the crazy hustle and bustle that is life nowadays.  The photo here is large sized and like a family portrait, the shooting requires planning in terms of location, dressing and also timing.

Family is an integral part of life and so whether candid, portrait or reunion, any kind of Maui family photography promises to be special and memorable.


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