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Pregnancy is an extraordinary time for a couple’s and a woman’s life. During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes to adapt to grow a human being inside of it. Your skin glows, your hair becomes silkier, and your body gets more curvaceous. There is no better way to remember this moment and the unforgettable journey to motherhood than by taking professional maternity photos.

Here are a few tips to help you look and feel beautiful during your maternity photo shoot.

  1. Photographer

Just as any other type of photography, select a photographer with strong skills and experience. Hire someone that will know how to pose you and use the light to frame you in angles that will flatter your body and face.

  1. Timing

You want to schedule your Maui maternity photo shoot at a time where your stomach is full, but you are still comfortable enough to pose. If you are expecting a singleton, an excellent time to schedule your shoot is between 28 – 36 weeks along. Women who are expecting twins should go in earlier around 26 – 32 weeks because twins tend to arrive earlier. For triplets, go in at about 24 – 31 weeks.

  1. Location

Maui maternity photography can take part in three different locations namely:

Home – You will be in the comfort of your family and familiar surroundings. However, you’ll have to clean the house beforehand, and the lighting might not be ideal.

Outdoor – Outside photos are quite beautiful as you get to be one with nature and the natural light will beautifully frame your silhouette. However, Mother Nature is unpredictable which might cause you to reschedule. Also, you’ll have limited hours in a day to shoot.

Studio – This is the most advantageous option as you can shoot anytime regardless of outside weather.

  1. Clothing

Here, we would suggest you go with your gut instinct as well as what you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Do not try stuffing your growing body into overly tight clothes as this might be harmful to your little one. Also, be mindful of your innerwear as you want to steer clear of bra folds and panty lines.

  1. Makeup

Spring for professional makeup and hair for your Maui maternity photography. However, if you are working on a tight budget, you can apply the makeup on yourself (put your makeup on right before the shoot). This way, your makeup/ hair will still be fresh.

  1. Posing

Your Maui maternity photographer will direct you during posing. The poses should emphasize your curves while still focusing on the love you already have for your yet-unborn bundle of joy. Some beautiful poses include a protective hand on your belly, your partner tenderly embracing your stomach, etc. – simply put, just show the love and joy you are feeling.

Final Thought

A great Maui maternity photography session should make you feel beautiful by embracing the goddess you are and producing stunning images that will forever showcase the love and strength you had during your pregnancy.


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