Maui portrait wedding photographer

Maui portrait wedding photographer

Your wedding day is one you will want to remember for the rest of your life, so it would better count. One way of making the day memorable is by taking portrait shoots with your friends, family, bridal party and most importantly, your spouse. Whether the Maui portrait wedding photographer you hire will give you the best pictures will largely depend on you. Here’s how best to make it work with your photographer:

Allocate a good time

First and foremost, you need to discuss with your photographer the specific time to which the portrait shoot should be taken. Is it immediately after the wedding service? Is it after the reception? None of you wants to run behind their schedule or have to rush through the session. Therefore, it is wiser to plan early.

Good décor

Your photographer may not be responsible for terrible images if the wedding décor was poor. Therefore, it is up to you and your spouse to ensure the décor is okay before the wedding day. In case this happens though, you can discuss with the photographer on how to conceal the background.

Guests’ cooperation

Guests can also come in the way of your photo sessions. They may cause unnecessary disturbances and make it hard for your photographer to take the portraits shoots. It is crucial for guests to be directed where they ought to be and to be contained until the photo sessions are over.

Bridal party

Other than the guests, the bridal party can also be a big headache. They can also get unruly during the photo sessions and this can be quite hectic to the photographer. It is important to get them to cooperate so that you can have a smooth time.

Give them a break

Another thing to remember is that the photographer also gets tired and hungry. Therefore, giving them a break and ensuring they are also served with food will do both of you good. This is as you definitely do not want a slouchy photographer taking your photos.

Since in the end you want good pictures for future memory, cooperation is crucial. Both you and the Maui portrait wedding photographer will have to play your part to make it all a success.


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