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Whether it’s at the beach, the waterfalls, in the jungles or the mainland, you can’t leave Maui without having some good photos taken. It goes without saying, a number of Maui professional photography service providers are available to capture all the good moments. Worth noting is that the photographers have varying styles. These are the traditional and photojournalistic styles.


This style is more common in formal portraits. In this case, the subjects are very much aware that the photo is being taken and the poses are standard. They are also clearly visible and there is not much distraction. The photos here are judged by the lighting, sharpness, and use of background.

In the past, traditional styled photos were mostly taken inside of studios and artificial lighting was used. Currently, the portraits shoots can be taken out doors where there is natural light. An example of where this style could be used is when taking formal family portraits. These can be put up in the home or in the office.


Also known as documentary, the photojournalistic style is a modern style of photography. The subjects in this case have more freedom than in the traditional style photos. A lot of creativity and artistic skills is also required. This is as the photographer should be able to capture the real emotions of the subjects without altering the scene. The approach could be used in weddings to narrate the story of love.

Seeing as the approaches are diverse, one should find a Maui professional photography provider with a style that suits them. This means meeting up with potential photographers beforehand and asking them about their style. You could also just look up their work on their social media outlets and other online platforms. If you are able to find a photographer capable of incorporating both styles, all the better.


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