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Capturing great milestones of your life is essential, and for a young teen, there’s no more significant milestone than that of high school graduation. You have been reading and cramming for years and now the time has come for you to graduate from high school and on to the next milestone. We would love to freeze this moment and relive it for years to come. Sometimes this is not possible and hiring a Maui senior photographer to capture this moment in all its glory is the next best thing.

Senior pictures should exude elegance, confidence while still capturing your unique personality and style. We have seen some Maui senior pictures that looked forced and quite frankly, uncomfortable for the client. If your photographer’s personality clashes with yours, there’s a high probability that your photos will display this. Your Maui senior pictures should be able to showcase your uniqueness, highlight your personal traits and frame you in the most advantageous way possible.

Style: To get a sense of your potential photographer’s style, visit their website and peruse around. If you feel a connection with their style, it’ll give you a taste of what to expect during your Maui senior pictures shoot. If you don’t like their style, move on regardless of how inexpensive that specific photographer is. Peruse for two to three potential photographers with your ideal technique and give them a call. We recommend calling or video chatting as opposed to sending an email because you will be able to better gauge who a person is from a voice conversation.

Personality: Too different characters tend to clash. Hunt around for someone who makes you feel comfortable as this will allow them to capture your genuine expressions and emotions. What type of personality do you respond better to? Personalities can range from silly, commanding, outgoing, caring, high energy, etc. Consider your character then decide which person would make you feel at ease during your senior photo sessions. If you don’t connect with your shooter, just move on to the next as you need your natural expressions to be expressed in your images.

Final Thoughts

Your Maui senior pictures should be able to highlight your true character at that specific point in your life. High school graduation is something that you want to imprint in your minds forever and taking a professional picture to capture who you are that stage is a milestone that deserves a space on the mantle.


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