Photographers in Maui

The endless photography opportunities in Maui are proof that Maui is indeed a haven of natural beauty. There are so many options regarding who to choose for a photoshoot or where, when and what to photograph.

It is relatively hard to find any information on who to hire for your photography needs that’s why we have decided to simplify your work when narrowing down your options on photographers in Maui.

Because Maui has such a diverse clique of professional photographers, you will find many of them specializing in different fields. There are wedding photographers in Maui who specialize in wedding parties and events. Most likely your wedding event planner will have a list of contacts of these professionals.

Wedding photographers in Maui charge between $500 to $10,000 on a per-hour basis or a per-image basis. You’ll need to choose what is best suited for you and your budget. Also, you can choose whether to have the photographs taken on the beach or away from the beach. Another option is to choose when to take the pictures. Sunset is usually recommended because of the golden light that complements the photographs.

Most photographers in Maui also do maternity photography. This a genre of photography that deals with capturing pregnant women’s beauty. Options include beach photoshoots, family fun photoshoots, adventurous cliff photoshoots, sunset photoshoots. Pregnant women can also be photographed in the water swimming. All these options combine to give you a breathtaking reminder of the natural beauty of Maui in anticipation of your newborn.

Maternity photographers usually charge on a per-hour basis and a per-image basis. Rates range from $200 to $1000 depending on the place and time.

So whenever you are in Hawaii, specifically Maui, remember that this is the best destination for capturing timeless moments while on holiday.


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