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It’s important to keep memories of places and things you have done for a particular period. In most occasions, it may be difficult for you to remember every step. Therefore, you will require something to boost your memory and remind you particular details. At aloha photography, we will ensure you get tangible memories for every event and life experience.

Photography Sessions

Photography just like any other profession requires passion and determination. Most photographers are always ready and willing to take you through the experience to make your event possible. Before getting to the mood of photography, they will engage you in talks for you to give a vision of what you want. However, even if you are not sure or does not have a clear view, through communicating it becomes easy to paint your image. In this session, you introduce your occasion, the other people you want in the shoots as well as location.

The main session

After painting the vision in your mind, photographers on Maui will envision the perfect location, aesthetic and activity for the capture. During this time, the photographers set their cameras to action to ensure they capture every humor, intimacy, bond, and love that you share.

Additionally, once every moment has been caught on camera, the photos are taken to the studio for editing and select presentation before printing hard copies. This is to ensure that the client is satisfied with the final results before taking your portraits home.

Why choose Photographers On Maui?

Most photographers on Maui love to share the love with our customers. They offer professional guides for a better portrait capture. In case there are any weather issues during your selected time, they will likely be glad to rebook you for another day or time when the weather is friendly.


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