Photographers are artists who try to capture a moment in time using cameras. They usually try to say something without using words. When a good photograph is taken, you can read more than a thousand words.

Photography is a powerful work of art that usually consists of several stages. Most people think that photography is only about taking pictures. It also involves post-processing stages like editing and publishing.

Editing is mostly about matching the photograph with the suited need.  It involves correcting the color, changing the contrast, changing the image size, etc. While publishing involves submitting the photograph to the relevant audience.

Before the advent of computer technology, photographers were required to treat film negatives with silver nitrate, in dark rooms. With the rise of modern technology, cameras can take pictures and store them digitally. They can then be edited and later printed using advanced laser printers.

Photographers often have to grapple with copyright issues as do all artists. Some sources claim that the photograph belongs to you right from the moment you press the button on your camera. This is subject to change depending on the agreement.

If you work for a company, then most likely, the copyright to your photographs belong to them as the photographs are taken on company time/resources. If you work for yourself, then the copyright may depend on the customer. In some instances, you may share joint ownership with the customer, giving you the sole rights to reproduce and distribute the photographs.

Photographers come in many shapes and sizes. Like in every profession, there are hobbyists, amateurs, and professionals.

  • Hobbyists are usually those who take photographs for leisure since they have a better paying job elsewhere.
  • Amateurs are those photographers who have a little more experience and are usually beginners in the photography industry.
  • Professionals are those photographers that depend on photography as a full-time job. They are the most skilled in the industry and are most likely to have the highest rates.


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