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All pictures are worth a thousand words. However, for those words to be positive, style and subject of the shoots matter a lot. Therefore, for you to get the perfect portraits, you must ensure to do proper research in various locations. When doing your calculations on photography in Maui, you must ensure that you have the right motives, the type of message you want to send and capture in your photos and much more.

  • Visual appearance

What you see at a glance is very important. However, it’s good to consider proper scouting for the location. Go round the place and try to see differently from various angles. You should be able to see that location differently with different perspectives. Remember, you will require switching positions for you to utilize the entire site. Also, keep in mind that whatever you see at first glance may not be usable.

  • Lighting

Every location has its uniqueness when it comes to sunset and fall. Therefore, as you select your site, it’s essential to know how it all happens. Try and visualize how the light setup will affect your shoots. See the alternatives of making the portraits beautiful and elegant. This will help you determine the right angles without the influence of the sun at that time. This will also give you an insight of getting the right time for the session.

  • Safety

Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, your location of choice should and must be a safe place. Security is very critical and should be among the top priorities. We understand you want to be the first to bring a particular style of photography in the industry. However, if you are not keen about your safety, you may not live long to see your graphics grow.

  • Requirements

Photography in Maui gives you multiple locations to work from. Some will require you have a license and other permits to access the site. Therefore, ensure to have the right paperwork and follow the proper procedures for obtaining them to avoid frustrations during the main day.


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