Po’olenalena Beach Wedding

Po’olenalena is a beach in Walea, the southern part of Maui. This beach has long sandy white beaches that straddle the magnificent blue sea water. With numerous palm trees and lava rock formations, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets on your wedding or honeymoon.

There are many Po’olenalena beach weddings that take place especially during the summer. This a romantic wedding spot that enjoys the state of being relatively uncrowded. Since it borders no hotels, it’s a place where you and your spouse can enjoy without being interrupted.

For beach weddings, Po’olenalena is best enjoyed when there’s a low tide, which is usually at midday. This beach has a large area where you can park your cars though the size of the beach only allows moderately sized parties.

There are several ideas when having your wedding at Po’olenalena beach:

You and your spouse can experiment with the main venue. There are so many ways you can play this out, one of them being having the main venue by the beach. The most popular arrangement is where the guests face the ocean and the altar is right at the edge.

Choice of color is usually restricted to white but you can always choose what makes you feel better. For better quality, the color should also complement the dress code. This will add to a dynamic photo experience.

The thing about beach weddings is their quality of adventure. Beach weddings provide the necessary environment for a memorable event. Couples can engage in sunset activities like surfing and castle building. Guests are allowed to rock casual attire and take photos.

You should emphasize fun and memorable moments in this significant part of your life. Take lots of pictures and play with the water. And be sure to recommend your friends and family to the beautiful Po’olenalena beach in Maui.



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