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Photography is a fantastic art that offers unconceived and a unique display of each and everything. Every photographer being an artist attempt to incorporate creativity in a unique fashion in every image. In photography session, each pose and angle is vital. Depending on these critical aspects, photography can be categorized into different types. The standard form is portrait photography which requires qualified portrait photographer to capture unique and admirable portraits.

Significant Characteristics of Portrait Photography

For expert photographers, portrait photography is not a unique term. It is generally portraiture of any individual or object`s face. Also, it focuses to explain the personality, moods, and expressions of the subject. The whole body can be incorporated as per client’s request. Usually, the images are captured lengthwise or convenient angels making sure that concentration is mainly on the subject.

Although portrait photography is part and parcel of photography, it has several different aspects that make it stand out from the ordinary photography. While the everyday photography may involve a target on an individual`s face or concentrate on the background. On the other hand, portraitures ensure that an individual whose image is being clicked, have their bodice or face precisely in the actual focus.

Responsibility of Lighting as Difference

One secret that a top rated portrait photographer enjoys above the others is the right mastery of light control. There is no doubt that lighting is a crucial factor that plays a significant duty in portrait images. In portrait photography, since the primary target is on the subject(s), photographers ensure that most lights are directed towards the subject. Other types of lighting that are utilized in portrait photos are:

  • 3-point lighting that it involves:

Kicker and accent light

Fill in light

Key light

Butterfly lighting

Ordinary photography involves lighting for various types of poses. Beside other critical kinds are:

Studio lighting

Natural lighting

Interior lighting

Window lighting

Ambient lighting

Outdoor lighting

Speed or flashlight among the others


Types of Portrait and Normal Photography

Portrait photography is further subdivided into several subtypes which involves the following

Abstract portrait

Traditional portrait

Conceptual portrait

Candid portrait

Surreal portrait

Environmental portrait

Lifestyle portrait

Glamour portrait

On the other hand, ordinary photography as a result of its broader scope involves different types plus their respective sub-types

Sub-miniature photography




Old time





Social documentary









Bottom Line

In conclusion, it is okay to say that portrait photography is a particular kind of photography where the primary concentration is directed on the subject or a person being captured. Thus depending on the type of portrait, you prefer it is only reasonable that you incorporate the services of a professional portrait photographer.



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