Portrait Photography Maui

Portrait Photography Maui

For portrait photography Maui serves as a great spot due to its wonderful ambience. This form of photography directs focus to the subject’s face. The portrait can be taken traditionally or candidly depending on whether it is for formal or informal purposes. Major components of the portrait photography include the following:


Light plays a major role in any kind of photography as it illuminates the subject and the scene. If the lighting is bad, then that means that the overall image will be ruined. Natural light from the sun is usually the best kind of light for portraits. However, artificial lighting can also be manipulated in order to get professional looking images.


Since the subject is the main focus, and particularly for portrait photography, they contribute majorly to the outcome of the image. The subject should bring out the expression needed for the portrait. For instance, informal portraits give an allowance for fancy poses and styles from the subject.


Backgrounds in portraits should be simple and non-distracting so that the focus is directed to the subject. They should be able to lend emotions and add context to the image. Though not limited to the outdoor, background choices in Maui include the beach, waterfall, sunset among others.


Color in a photo evokes emotions. Hence, it is important to choose colors that set the intended mood. A photo on the shores of Maui with the blue color of the sky, for instance, gives a feeling of peace and tranquility.


Composition is the aspect of being able to arrange the elements in a photo in a way that brings out the main idea. This allows the viewer to see the most important element of the photo. The direction from which a photographer takes the shot contributes to this composition.

These and other elements could make or ruin your wedding, family or couple’s portraits. If you need a great session in portrait photography, Maui has just the right photographers.



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