Portrait photography pricing

Portrait photography pricing

There’s no single way of telling how photographers should charge for photo sessions. Portrait photography pricing is all dependent on a number of factors which include the following:

Hours of Coverage

Most photographers will charge their sessions based on the length of the photo session. It goes without saying that longer hours of coverage go for a higher rate than shorter ones.

Type of Portrait

Photography providers also charge different rates for different types of photos. This means that the cost of taking a couple’s portrait may not be similar to that of a kids’ portrait. Depending on factors determined by the photographer, one could cost higher than the other even with similar hour coverage.

Number of people

It is less frustrating to work with a smaller number of people. Hence, with all other factors held constant, single person portraits will cost less than grouped photos.

Location of the shoot

Portrait photography pricing also depends on the location of the shoot. This means both the distance to the place and the cost for the venue. Locations that require the photographer to travel for a longer distance will undoubtedly call for a higher price. Photography service providers will also charge higher for more expensive venues.

Image presentation

Images go through editing after the photo sessions. Some clients may want their images printed out, others prefer to get them in their digital form. The level of editing will also vary depending on what the client wants. This therefore means that photographers will charge differently based on the final product.


Photography service providers who are established in their work will most likely charge higher than their less established counterparts. This is because they are more likely to offer higher work quality.

Seeing as several factors contribute to charging for sessions, portrait photography pricing should be discussed between the client and photographer beforehand. Usually, most photographers will offer their services in packages. These packages include most, if not all factors and make it easier for photographers to issue a price tag.




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