Pregnancy Photography in Maui

Pregnancy photography in Maui is a lucrative field in the photography industry. Here, you can get the cheapest rates in all of the states of Hawaii.

Pregnancy is a special moment for any woman and her family, Maui photographers understand this, that is why many of them offer competitive rates for first-time parents. Rates range from $125 to $300 per-portrait or per-hour depending on the agreement between the parents and the photographer.

There are many areas of exploration when it comes to pregnancy photoshoots:

You can experiment with shoots in the water where you’ll be weightless and have a great deal of freedom moving around. Swimming underwater for small periods of time also works if you aren’t afraid of getting wet. Swooshing your wet hair also gets the job done. Be sure to encourage the photographer to capture this moment frame by frame so as to get the perfect image.

Experimenting with the baby daddy will do wonders to the experience. You can try out affectionate poses with your partner where the photographer captures the timeless memory of the three of you intimately longing for each other.

You can also try out a gender reveal exercise where you showcase different items that suggest the gender of the baby. A pink teddy bear, for example, for a baby girl. A blue action hero figure will etch that baby boys image in your memory.

For the adventurous type, cliff photography is another alternative. You can try fun positions on the jagged lava formations found in the numerous beaches in Hawaii. The dark contrast will complement the golden sunlight bringing out an adventurous feel to the photograph.


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