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For the best wedding photography, Maui will always stand out. The beautiful scenery is enough to entice couples wishing to get married to have the island as their venue. That said, there are important shots that you should have taken if your wedding is to remain a special memory. These include the following:

The morning preparation

When you are getting ready, this is a perfect time to have some shots taken. The photographer should be able to capture the make-up sessions, the gorgeous wedding dress and the groom’s outfit. It is also the best time for them to capture the bridal party and family moments.

The service setting

Shots from the wedding service setting are also a must. This setting could be indoors or outdoors in full sight of the incredible Maui sceneries. The best time for the photographer to take these photos would probably be before the bride arrives. This is as they can move around freely without causing distractions. The photos should be able to capture the décor, the guests and all other necessary aspects.

The walk down the aisle

Missing out on the walk down the aisle by the bride would have to be the biggest crime. This is one of the most beautiful moments for the photographer to capture. As such, they should be able to take the shots from the time the bride enters to the time they arrive at the altar. Not to forget would be the groom’s reaction at this point which should also be photographed.

The vow

The vow being the ‘it’ moment most definitely deserves to be captured. The photography would include shots while you say the vows, while putting the ring into each other’s fingers and while having that special kiss. All these moments make for a great wedding memory.

Family shots

Family shots are an integral part of the wedding. Here is where your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nephews, nieces and just about any member of family come in. The photos are usually traditional, involving standard poses mostly meant for portraits.

Couple shots

Once the wedding service is over, you will most likely want to have posed photos taken. This may be the most planned for shoots and so they would better be shot right. This means you should be able to know the style of the photographer and inform them what you would want. Images from couple shots make for the best portraits and album. You may want to have the photos taken outside since you wouldn’t want to miss the beauty of the island.

Bridal party shots

The bridal party shots are usually taken at the same time with the couple shots. They also involve posed styles that can be anything from standard to creative. These shoots are usually many as they require several arrangements.

The cake

Lastly, the cake shot is not to be ignored. The photographer should be able to capture the design, the arrangement and the cutting session perfectly.

If you need an ideal location to get the wedding photography, Maui will not give you a big hurdle. The island offers many appealing venues including the many beaches, gardens and waterfall sites.


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