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Weddings are a once in a lifetime event, at least for most people. Therefore, this leaves little to no room for mistakes. One thing that especially needs to go right during the particular day is the portrait photography. Having professional photos taken together with your parents, friends and other loved ones makes the day memorable and special. Wedding portrait photographers play the big role of capturing all these shared moments. Before you hire one, here is what you should know about them:

Level of experience

It is crucial to know how long a photographer has been in the business. More particularly, it is good to know how long they have specialized in the area of wedding photography. This is likely to give you more confidence in their work quality and service.

What their style is

Wedding portrait photographers have different styles. Some are more traditional in their approach, others are more photojournalistic and others have a combination of both styles. This is something you should inquire from the photographer. In this case, for example, shoots with parents for formal portraits would require a traditional approach.

How long it takes to get the images ready

After the wedding is over, you will most likely want to see the final product of the photos taken. Therefore, you need to know when to expect delivery of the images from the photographer.

Presentation of photos

The pictures can be presented digitally or could be printed out. Depending on what you prefer, getting to know from the photographers how they do it is essential. Also, you could request for samples from previous work in order to see what to expect as the final product.


Most importantly, getting to know the cost of the photography session puts you in a place where you can plan yourself financially. Wedding portrait photographers charge based on different factors. Hours of coverage, number of people, type of photo, image presentation all count in the photography pricing.

Being able to communicate with the wedding portrait photographers makes it easier to discuss all the factors involved. Therefore, it is wise to build a good relationship with them first.


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