What to Expect from my Wedding Photographer

Your big day has finally arrived, and now it’s time for the magic to begin. For most of us, it’s probably the first time you are in front of a professional’s camera. This can be a bit unnerving especially if you are camera shy or you usually are a bit awkward in pictures. You have scoured the net and have finally landed on an expert based on their expertise, experience, and their passion. But what should you expect during your wedding photography in Maui?

  • Promptness

Your significant day will have some bumps along the way, but your photographer should not contribute to this in any way. A professional artist should always arrive ahead of time and start scouting the location. This will help them determine and narrow down the best places to take pictures, the best angles, etc. You might look out and see your photographer walking in circles, trying to gauge the views using their outstretched arms, or you might find them laying on the grass. Granted this might be weird and odd, it’s perfectly normal as they are merely checking out how the light falls on a particular spot and checking to see which angles will enhance the images.

  • Strike a Pose

Wedding photography should capture the best sides of you. Your expert should be able to direct you and make you feel at ease as this will result in stunning pictures. You should expect your photographer in Maui to be able to fine-tune your poses as there is a whole science behind posing. Regardless of the weird adjustments he/she asks of you, trust that he/she knows what they are doing as they are merely trying to make you look fabulous. If the requests they make are unclear, ask them to physically demonstrate what they mean so that you can mirror them. Your photographer might take a hands-on approach when posing you. If you are uncomfortable with being touched, simply voice it out, and they will adjust accordingly.

  • Let Him take the Reign

We all have an “Uncle Bob” in our families. These are the relatives who want to stand beside the photographer, whip out their own camera and start snapping pictures. While the gesture is cute, it can be distracting, especially to your hired professional. With multiple people trying to take your photos, no one is ever really sure which direction to look. This tends to produce beautiful images, but only half of them of you looking directly into the camera. Your expert should politely ask them to allow him to finish first.

  • The Reception

The hard part is finally over and now its time to let loose. Your hired professional should hang back and capture candid and natural moments. Some of the best reception images are those caught when you are unaware.

The photographer should be able to blend in with the crowd. Furthermore, they should not pester you about the reception’s program. They should inquire about the program from the event planner and adapt to not miss out on any significant moments. Wedding photography in Maui is must have for anyone looking to receive stunning images without having to be involved in the shooting process.



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