We are a group of Maui Photographers that loves to breathe life into your events through photography and we understand that importance. 


Jelena has been taking photographs for more than 15 years. She started out shooting street photography in her home country of Serbia. Then, on a whim, she applied for, and got, a job on a cruise ship. That’s where she came to realize that she loved capturing fun moments and families just as much as street photography; it became her passion. After working on the cruise ship for two years, a friend suggested she would love the island of Maui. With that advice, Jelena packed up her belongings and headed west to Maui. She began shooting photography for Capture Aloha almost 10 years ago. In addition to taking beautiful photos, she keeps the team organized and manages the schedule. When booking your session, you’ll likely be corresponding with Jelena. 


“I’ve been obsessed with photos my whole life and have over 50,000 pictures just on my iPhone alone, which makes Jelena think I’m crazy. Ha Ha Ha - but she’s probably right!”

Lisa truly enjoys making photo books of EVERYTHING. “I mean... I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY and capturing a real moment. I love real emotions. I also love getting a great family portrait with everyone looking and smiling at the camera, because I love to have those in my albums as well! Therefore, my photoshoots are a combination of capturing the in-between "real" moments and the ones that are more posed. I'm great at making you and your family feel at ease and making it a fun process. I always say… it's a photoshoot, it's not brain surgery! It’s supposed to be fun!”

In addition, Lisa understands that not everyone in the family loves to take photos as much as she does, so she won't drag the process out for dad, mom, or the toddlers! Besides, it’s usually either a sunrise or sunset shoot, so time is of the essence. “I work fast and efficiently to make it as smooth and fun for you as possible.”

Originally from Chicago, Lisa transplanted to Los Angeles where she lived for many years with her husband working in the entertainment industry. Her career naturally transitioned into photography and she worked for a prestigious LA studio focusing on maternity and family photography. As much as she loved photography, she yearned for something more. She had dreams of moving to her beloved island of Maui and taking pictures on her breathtaking beaches. In 2021, Lisa, her husband and their sweet dogs and cats made the big move to Maui. Upon arrival, Lisa reached out to Capture Aloha. The timing was perfect! Capture Aloha did indeed need another photographer. Jelena, already shooting for Capture Aloha, was happy to show her the ropes. They have been best friends ever since! 



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