Ironwood Beach Family Photoshoot | Ehman Family

One of the more beautiful beaches along Maui’s west side for any family photographer is Ironwoods Beach. Equipped with towering lava rock cliffs, pristine ocean waters, and Ironwood trees, this beach offers a unique blend of rustic charm along with its natural beauty. Makes for a perfect day for a sunset family photoshoot and that is exactly what the Ehman family took advantage of while visiting from the East Coast.


They were all so beautiful that I would get the mom and daughters confused with one another during their session. Surrounded by the love of her gorgeous family, their newest grandbaby was visiting Maui for the first time, so she really loved the beach. And why wouldn’t she?

As usual, Ironwoods Beach, also known as Oneloa Beach, was windy that day, but despite having long hair, all the women handled the weather really well. But you know what I love best? I love it when you can really feel the connection of the family. And with the Ehman family, that love and connection with one another truly shines through in their photos.

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