Madrone Kalil Maui Birthday Trip | D.T. Fleming Beach

When you have a group of people like the group that came to celebrate Madrone, you know it will be a lot of fun and creative. Madrone, along with her wife and closest friends, aka “her chosen family”, came to Maui to celebrate her 50th birthday. And what a celebration it was.

Madrone is a professor and half of the party that were here with her are former students of hers, which just goes to show you what an amazing teacher she is!

You could truly feel the outpouring of love they all had for her and for each other as they brought fresh flowers to create this pattern of flowers on the beach, which was full of symbolism for them. I just love getting to capture the true essence of people and their celebrations of different milestones.

This photo session took place at sunset on one of our favorite beaches, D.T. Fleming Beach. So, what can make it even better? Perhaps getting to see a giant Sea Turtle!

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