Maui Engagement & Couples Photography

Welcome to Capture Aloha’s Engagement Photo Gallery! Maui Engagements Photography is one of our favorite forms of photography. People in love expressed on film. Not married? We love Couples Photography too. We have been a highly rated engagement and/or couples photography team here on Maui for many years. With our passion for family and new love, couple’s portraits and engagement photography are a real joy for us. Regardless of if you live here on Maui, or have plans to vacation here, we invite you to scroll down and review a selection of engagement and couple’s portraits. If these connect with you, please feel free to contact us with any questions or for a free consultation, or you can book us today here.

Our goal in providing engagement and couples portraits is to provide you photos that will truly highlight your special moment that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Whether you are having an engagement session or a couple’s portrait shoot, we recommend having these sessions on the beaches here in Maui, especially the West Side or South Side. After all, how can you go wrong with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world? Along the west side, we love Kapalua Beach, Ironwoods/Oneloa and DT Flemings. Each beach has very different views and landscapes. On the south side, we recommend Po'olenalena Beach, Wailea Beach, Makena Surf and Maluaka Beach. If you want something more than a beach, we are also more than happy to come to your resort or condo to photograph you there as well!

In terms of setting your appointment time, we suggest having your session either in the early morning or at sunset. Not only are these times of the day the most beautiful, we also don't want harsh overhead lighting that you will get in the middle of the day and the shadows it brings with it. It can be a little unflattering to your skin. In addition, any time of the year is a great time to visit and have photographs taken in Maui, but if you’re planning on being here in January or February, these months tend to be a bit on the rainy side. If you’ve never been to Maui before, don’t worry too much about it because the rain here is quite the same rain you might get elsewhere.

When it comes to your attire for your engagement photos, we think that you should go with solid colors because they typically photograph well. Bold patterns tend to run the risk of being distracting, so we recommend softer colors. Also, neutrals such as light blues, creams, greens, whites, or soft pinks make for excellent choices, especially if your session is on the beach. If you want to include anything personal as a memory keepsake in your photos, we encourage it, such as hakus, leis or any other item. We also prefer going barefoot in your photos, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about proper footwear.

For our engagement and/or couple’s photography, we offer:

25 images for a 30-minute session
50 images for a one-hour session
75 images for a 90-minute session

Pricing varies depending on the package you choose. Please visit our Portrait Pricing for package options.

Our goal is to bring you an engagement or couple’s photographic experience that you truly enjoy and are happy with the results.


When it comes to photographing Engagement or Couples Sessions, how do you describe your Photographic Style?

Our photographic style would be described as colorful lifestyle photography. We love bright and saturated colors and crisp contrasty black and whites.

How much does a couples/engagement photographer cost on Maui??

On average, photography fees can swing wildly. From the time spent at the shoot to the location. Typically, our engagement/couples photography sessions start at about $400 and will go from there, again depending on all the options.

What should someone look for when choosing a good engagement/couples photographer?

Review their Portfolio, look at their Instagram posts and Reviews! Look for consistency. Make sure you like their style, because there are many photographers with different styles to choose from. We are all a bit different, so choose the style you want your photos to look like. For example, if you like heavily photoshopped, or very bright or dark and moody images, then choose based on what you want your final product to look like based on their overall portfolio.

Should I get a photographer when I propose?

OF COURSE you should! That is one of the most special days in your life and you'll definitely want to remember it! I've heard SO many couples say they regret not having a photographer. But I LOVE having memories in photo if that's you too... then do it!

Is 30 minutes long enough for engagement photos?

This depends on how much you love or dislike photoshoots! If you are a person (or have a partner) who LOVES having their photo taken on a beautiful beach...then go for an hour. But if you are more the shy type, who just wants that moment, 30 min is enough.

How soon after being proposed to should you schedule your engagement photo session? And how late is too

If you're using them for a specific reason such as Save The Dates or at the ceremony, plan no later than 3-4 weeks prior to mailing or the ceremony. Otherwise, its never too late.

How soon after my engagement session do you get your photos?

Within 2 weeks.