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Surprise Proposal Photography on Maui

Check out this beautiful surprise proposal photography by Jelena at Kapalua Bay just before sunset.  Marcel contacted us a few weeks ago to plan his surprise proposal to his long time girlfriend.  There are a couple of different ways to go about this surprise.  He chose to tell her that he had planned a “couples photoshoot” with us.  This way, she knows to dress up and be prepared for pictures.   This also gives you a reason to meet the photographer at a scheduled time and place.  Then, at some point during the photo shoot, you can pop the question, which is exactly what Marcel did and he pulled it off beautifully.

If you are worried that a “couples photoshoot” will tip her off, your photographer can wait for you on the beach and pretend to take pictures of the scenery until it’s time.  This is a little trickier and requires a few more white lies on your part to get her to the location at the right time.  You will send us a photograph of the two of you ahead of time, so we know who to look for on the beach.

To learn more about planning your surprise proposal, fill out the contact form below.  We understand this is a BIG moment and we are happy to answer all your questions and work closely with you to ensure things go smoothly and your girl gets the proposal she has always dreamed about.


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