Wedding Photographers Maui

Wedding Photographers Maui

If you want to meet all kinds of wedding photographers, Maui is a place to visit. The island’s beauty makes it a preferred wedding location for many and so it’s no wonder that photographers abound. Finding a photographer who is able to deliver everything as required is what may be a big hurdle. That goes to say that in order to get the best out of the wedding, you will have to choose wisely then communicate clearly. Here’s what you need to inform your hired wedding photographer before the day;

Time of the shoot

First things first, you need to clearly communicate the time you’ll want the photos taken. These include the couple shots, bridal party shots, and family shots. Since most of them will involve gathering people, it would be wise to agree on the best time together and then inform the photographer. This makes work easier for both of you and keeps the schedule running smoothly.

Location of the shoot

Another thing that should be made known as early and as precisely as possible would have to be the location. You could decide to have the photos at the gardens, beach, waterfalls, on the mainland, or even indoors. Letting the photographer know this should help him figure out the kind of gear he/she should carry for the shoot. This is as the venue will largely contribute to the lighting, background and other important elements of the photography.

Details to be captured

As a couple, there are certain details of the wedding you wouldn’t want missed. Some shots may seem obvious, but others may require you to clearly state to the photographer. Even still, it would be important to remind them of the specifics so that they can be captured with clarity.

Planned surprises

You do not want your photographer to miss capturing any special event simply because it caught them unaware. The photographer can always be informed a bit about any surprises in order for them to place themselves in the right position.

Necessary family information

Wedding photographers will also need to be made aware of some things about specific people that will affect the photography. Say for instance, some family members who are supposed to be in a shoot together not being in good terms. Informing the photographer beforehand may be wise in order to avoid any awkward moments where he/she places them together during the session.

Any other information you need to pass prior to the wedding shoots should be communicated early. This goes for the Maui wedding photographers as well, they should clearly put out what they expect from the clients.


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